Karaoke Host for Hire

karaoke host for hire

If you are looking for a karaoke host for hire get in touch with us.

Karaoke hosting is ideal for private parties, corporate events and even weddings. Especially where there is a big guest list.

Let one of our professional karaoke DJ’s host on your behalf.

We utilize only the most professional audio equipment on the market in the form of speakers, mixers and mics.

Two professional cordless microphones are available for singers and speeches.

We are also provide a big screen for karaoke visuals as well as video footage if required.

Our karaoke DJ’s play a dual role in that they are able to act as facilitators for the karaoke as well as ensuring that the room is rocking for the dancing in between.

We aim to ensure that we offer an all in one karaoke and disco experience for your corporate event.

Your office or function venue will essentially be turned into mega nightclub with the most superior sound and lighting combination available. Your options really are limitless.

Our karaoke database consists of thousands of the most popular karaoke backtracks from golden oldies to the latest hits on the charts today. There literally is something for anyone to sing brave enough to grab the mic.

Our dancefloor music offering is no different. In fact we insist you let us know ahead of time what your music genre preference is so that we are 100% prepared ahead of time.

In fact you are more than welcome to send us a pre arranged event agenda in advance so that we are on the same page all of the way from start to end.

If you require a karaoke host for hire for a private party, corporate event or a wedding get in touch with us for the best price, sound advice and the most awesome service on offer.

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