Glow in the Dark Lighting

glow in the dark lighting

If you require glow in the dark lighting for your next event get in touch with us.

UV black lights are popular at kids parties and especially Halloween events.

The ultraviolet light shines off anything fluorescent and these items glow giving your room a fun and futuristic atmosphere.

Ideally you will require at least four long length LED black lights which can be placed along each wall of the room. This is enough to light up a double garage. For bigger function venues simply add a few more.

They are easy to install. They can be set up on a stand, placed on a table or positioned on the floor up against each wall of the room. Once connected to a power point they are ready to glow!

You can also add neon colored decorations that glow under UV black lights. They can be hung from the ceiling or stuck up on the walls around the UV lights and will illuminate brightly.

Don’t forget to dress up! Go for clothing items that are white. The brighter the neon colour the more they will glow. Green, pink, yellow and orange are your best best. Purple, red and blue tend to be hit and miss.

There are also some really funky neon accessories you can add to your outfit such as necklaces, ear rings, bracelets and even glow in the dark glasses that will make you pop up all over the show.

If you want to get messy you can play around with glow in the dark pens and (body) paints as well

In fact you can even make your birthday cupcakes glow in the dark!

Planning a teen party, a halloween event or any special occasion our UV light glow kit is a must.

If you require glow in the dark lighting get in touch when you are planning your next event.

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