Wedding Lighting Rental

wedding lighting rental

We are wedding lighting rental professionals servicing the Cape Town area.

We have a wide range of wedding and event lighting hire solutions available for your special day.

Ambient lighting in the form of LED parcans or up lights are little lamps that sit on the floor and create a soft beam of colour up against the wall toward the ceiling.

They are available in a variety of colours (pink, blue, red and green) and can be manually set to the colour you prefer.

They add a glow of intimacy to the venue especially during dinner time.

For most average size function venues 6 uplights strategically placed around the room will do. If it is a bigger venue we can add a few more.

LED Parcans can also be used in marquees by attaching them to the poles supporting the tent where they shine onto the ground creating a dynamic effect for your outdoor event.

Uplights are vital in transforming an empty function venue into a beautiful space where a lifetime of memories are made.

When it comes to the dance floor there are a number of ways in which we can add life to the occasion.

The disco ball is an iconic party symbol and is always center stage on the dancefloor at every wedding. A motorized mirror ball kit comes with a spot and can be attached to a stand or hung from a ceiling beam.

Laser lighting will give your wedding dancefloor the look and feel of a nightclub. Intelligent sound 2 light units and moving heads move in time to the music.The patterns, speed and colour of the laser lights can be controlled creating an incredibly uplifting experience.

When used in combination with a high powered smoke machine the effect is out of this world.

For the best advice and the best price for all of your wedding lighting rental requirements contact us today.

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