Karaoke DJ for Hire

karaoke dj for hire

Our Karaoke DJ for hire services package is ideal for year end functions and events where there are a significantly bigger audience in attendance more so than with your typical house party.

In this instance renting a stand alone karaoke machine just wont do.

What is required is a bigger sound set up managed by a professional karaoke DJ.

He or she will also provide a big screen for karaoke visuals as well as cordless microphones for singers and speeches.

We can even throw in some intelligent lighting to spice up the event.and add a little glitz and glamour. Ambient up lighting for the early part of the evening and lazer lights for later always does the trick.

When the karaoke singers are taking a bit of a break from singing disco music can be played.

This is ideal if a big function venue or a hall is booked .The space is bigger and therefore sound travels. If you don’t have the right sound set up with the power that goes with it you can land up with your pants down and this results in disappointment for all.

A professional sound set up with a capable and knowledgeable karaoke DJ is worth spending a little extra money on just like you would on catering and decor.

Especially with year end company functions. The guest list is bigger. Employees as well as partners are in attendance. The directors too. Its a big deal because its a time to celebrate the last 12 months and reflect on all the hard work that has been put in to running your company.

Our karaoke business is no different. This time of year we are given the opportunity to share in your success and help facilitate the best celebration possible.

Our karaoke DJ’s play a double role in that they are able to act as facilitators for the karaoke singers as well as ensuring that the dance-floor is full when the disco kicks into full gear.

We offer an all in one karaoke and disco solution for your year end event with all the bells and whistles you would expect at a top class party.

Your function venue can be turned into a typical nightclub environment if that’s what you want with the most superior sound and lighting combination available.

Our karaoke music database on hand includes the most popular karaoke backtracks from the golden oldie era to the latest hits on the charts today. There is always something for everyone to sing. All it takes is a little dutch courage to grab the microphone and hit the stage.

Our in-between disco music for the dance-floor is no different. In fact we insist you let us know ahead of time what your music preference is so that we are 100% prepared ahead of time with all the big hits you want to hear.

We encourage you to send us your event agenda in advance so that we are on the same page in terms of the running order of things from start to end.

Its important to be sure as to when the karaoke DJ must arrive at the venue, what time set up must be completed and of course the performance times from start to end. In this way the expectation is clear and fully understood between all parties.

All boxes have to be ticked and this is why our karaoke DJ hire services package is the biggest and the best in the entertainment industry.

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