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audio visual hire solutions

We provide audio visual (AV) hire solutions for events.

If you are hosting a gala event or a conference and require a big screen for presentation purposes we can help.

In terms of the visual side of things we supply and install projectors , LED/LCD screens as well as interactive screens in a variety of sizes and specifications.

From an audio perspective we are also able to supply sound solutions in the form of speakers and microphones.

To this end we are able to assist with your corporate video conferencing needs.

This enables you to interact with staff and clients who are not necessarily present in the boardroom at the time. They might even be on the other side of the world in fact. We can make it all come together.

Brain storm with business partners and boost your reputation with our corporate audio visual hire solutions package. Smart communications solutions are key in the fast paced hi tech world in which we live.

We also offer live streaming services for private events and functions. This has become a very popular service these days.

Having your best mate walking around with a mobile device uploading pics and video to Facebook just doesn’t cut it anymore.

When it comes to special events like weddings this is something that most certainly requires a professional touch and the skill that goes with it.

Even more so when it comes to the live streaming of a memorial. A sentimental event such as this requires the dignity it deserves and should be handled with special care and professionalism from start to end.

The ability to share an event over the internet as it happens is crucial in this day and age.

We have the most up to date live streaming equipment available on the market and continually keep up to speed with the latest technological trends.

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