Mobile Disco Equipment for Hire

disco equipment for hire

Bright Midnight Entertainment is your best choice when it comes to mobile disco equipment for hire solutions for parties and events in the Cape Town area.

Whether you are hosting a private house party for a birthday celebration or a huge sports event we can help.

Our PA system and sound hire rental set ups are affordable and we have a wide variety of sound equipment solutions available for indoor and outdoor events no matter how big or small.

As a basic sound rig, a PA system consists of two powered speakers on stands, a mixer desk and a microphone. This option is ideal for small indoor functions especially if you want to play the role of the DJ for the night.

When it comes to bigger events especially outdoor functions such as live music concerts events where bands are playing and there are more than a 100 people attending a more powerful sound equipment set up would most likely be required.

When it comes to the making of speeches a professional cordless microphone can be made available. This means the announcer can engage with the audience from any standpoint regardless of where the PA system is positioned.

With every PA sound system hire booking we will deliver and set up to ensure that all the necessary sound elements are functioning optimally. Once set up it is extremely easy to operate and you also have the option to add a mobile device to the mixer desk in the form of a laptop, cellphone or an IPOD if you prefer to play your own choice of music.

If you prefer you can opt to have a DJ or a sound technician be available on site at the event to play background music for you and manage the audio desk on your behalf. This always provides peace of mind so you can focus on managing your event.

You can also book a professional MC to make announcements during the event or you can hire your own DJ if you prefer to employ the services of someone you have worked with before. If the DJ has a tech rider we will ensure that their preferred specs are available on site in terms of speakers, mixer and CDJ’s.

We have only the most professional audio brands on hand such as Shure , AKG, Behringer as well as Wharfedale and we pride ourselves on consistency when assisting you with the hiring of a disco sound system for your special event.

Indoors or outdoors no event is too much of a hassle for us.

Contact us for all of your mobile disco equipment hire requirements and let us help you make the sweetest kind of noise.

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