KARAOKE you can sing if you want to!

Karaoke you can sing if you want to

Fun karaoke songs to sing? We have them all from the oldies to the latest chart hits. When it comes to our karaoke track listing, there is no telling who might get up and grab that mic.

So, its birthday celebration time and you’ve been planning that karaoke party you’ve always wanted and you can’t wait to invite all your friends and family but you are concerned that not everyone will be comfortable with a karaoke microphone in hand?

Well it is a fact that not everyone is a natural born karaoke singer. Not everyone is comfortable singing in front of an audience especially when it comes to singing a karaoke song. Some karaoke singers are surprisingly good and some karaoke singers are downright awful but there will always be that someone at the party that will get up and grab that karaoke mic and some that won’t.

The most important thing to remember when planning your karaoke function is that it’s all about what YOU choose to do to celebrate your birthday or special event. If you want karaoke at your party then you can have karaoke at your party! Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

It’s your karaoke party, you can sing if you want to!

In fact you might land up being surprised at how many guests eventually do gravitate closer to the karaoke machine as the evening progresses. The combination of some shooters and an impressive repertoire of karaoke songs can do wonders in terms of bringing out the karaoke star in the person you thought was actually quite shy and reserved.

Fun karaoke songs to sing? We have all the big ones

When the karaoke party night arrives make sure you have your camera ready and fully charged. Those images and videos of your favorite people singing the night away will be great to upload to social media the day after 😉

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