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The best magician for a kids party

If you are require a magician for a kids party or an instore promotion we can help.

Booking a magician as a form of entertainment is always a great idea as well as captivating for everyone attending the event – young and old. There are no age limits when it comes to enjoying the craft of a quality magician. We have put on many magic shows over the years. The adults in the room enjoy those magic tricks as much as the kids.

There is no greater pleasure than seeing your child wide-eyed with amazement at the many magic tricks available in a magician’s bag of goodies. Believe it or not, mom, you will be spellbound as well.

Whether it’s twisting the aces, a hot foil trick, chink a chink or a game of cups and balls, Lesley the Magic Man has it all right up his sleeve and is the ultimate choice when it comes to booking a magician for a kids party. Just you wait until he pulls off his egg in a bottle trick. It is absolutely mind blowing to witness. Without giving too much away, the egg never once breaks!

Lesley the Magic Man is an illusionist for one-and-all, whose sleight of hand has been exciting young and old for over 25 years in Cape Town. He is known in magic circles as the magician of the people. He is loyal to his audience and sincere in his delivery and his street corner close-up-magic style is guaranteed to delight.

Lesley is the perfect magician to consider whether you are planning a kids party in your very own living room or you have been tasked with preparing your corporate year end function. It might even be a grand store opening that you have to manage.

Lesley is without a doubt the Magic Man for the big moment.

To book Lesley the Magic Man email / 0847428939

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