The Bachelor Party

Fun bachelor party ideas

Fun bachelor party ideas are all that your best mates have been thinking about for the last few weeks.

So, you’re tying the knot and getting married, your wedding day is fast approaching and your groomsmen are planning the stag party of a lifetime, giving you one last soiree as a “bachelor” before you and your beautiful bride take on the role of husband and wife.

There are so many activities to consider when planning a bachelor party some are a little naughty but in fact there are many on the good, clean and fun side.

No doubt you have seen the movie?

Films like The Hangover depict a stag night from hell and how tricky that option can turn out to be.

So how about a couple of those less risque options:

A good old fashioned pub crawl is always a great option for a bachelor party. Cape Town is the home to so many popular watering holes often situated in walking distance from each other which makes for a safe transition from one to another. Enjoying a pint or two of good ale amongst mates is always a laid back option. Add some grub, a sports event on the big screen with a couple of games of pool in between and you have male bonding at its very best ahead of the wedding.

For the more sophisticated gentleman a golf weekend with a visit to the nearest wine estate makes for a delightful time away with your fellow groomsmen. A day spent tasting the best wines paired with an array of exquisite cheese and dark chocolate can turn out to be just as sinfully delicious as any trip to a gentleman’s club. Complimented with a round of golf this bachelor party option certainly makes for a safer option especially if the bride has a close eye on proceedings.

If the bachelor boy enjoys singing how about a karaoke night in the privacy of your own home? Stock up the bar, get a braai going and hook up the karaoke machine. You can rent a karaoke machine for the night or the entire weekend. There is no better way to enjoy a stag night than belting out some of the greatest songs of all time from the golden oldies to many of your current favorites on our karaoke hit parade.

There are so many fun bachelor party ideas that are considered good clean and fun plus they wont break the bank if everyone chips in.

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