Stage Wash Lighting for Hire

stage wash lighting hire

Our stage lighting for hire solutions include stage wash lighting.

Stage wash lighting is a lighting effect where a broad beam is used to light up a specific area on a stage.

Typically instruments known as floodlights can be used to create an effect during a live show..

This offers a viewing audience the ability to see what is happening on stage.

Without the appropriate lighting set up it will be near impossible for the viewers to see characters and certain elements on display.

Stage wash lighting is effective in directing the viewers attention from one stage sequence to the next.

In a play for example stage wash lighting can be used to show only the areas of the stage which the director wants the audience to see and in doing so a picture is painted and theater of the mind is created.

In live music concerts or DJ shows colored lights and lasers can be used as a visual effect to “focus” on the stage act.

Focus is a term used to describe where a lighting instrument is pointed. The final focus should place a “hot spot” at the performers position on the stage. The lighting instruments must then be positioned in an assigned location or “hung” to best achieve this.

When creating a stage wash or an even spread of light from multiple fixtures, it is important to have two things consistent: fixture position and lensing.

You need to make sure that all of the lighting fixtures are the same distance from the stage that you are lighting and spread out horizontally and evenly.

You also need to make sure that all lighting fixtures have the same lense or beam angle so that they produce the same level of brightness on stage.

Once hung, focus the lights one at a time making up zones across the stage that are symmetrical on either side of center. The lights should overlap a few feet from zone to zone so that there are no dark spots.

You will want to keep the top and bottom of each light’s beam at the same level on stage, whether that is through tilting them or using shutters. This will ensure a clean look and keeps all of the “hot spots” in the same place.

Stage wash lights may include LED par lights, LED washer lights, outdoor waterproof lights as well as non waterproof zoom and fixed focus lights.

No stage is complete without proper lighting. Make an impact at your next event and wow the audience with our range of stage wash lighting options for hire.

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