Wedding DJ Packages

wedding dj packages

When searching for professional wedding DJ packages there are a number of factors you need to take into account.

A wedding DJ must be a well balanced all rounder able to cope with a big audience and be able to read a diverse crowd at the drop of each tune.

Top of the range sound and lighting gear are also of vital importance.

The audio set up required for a wedding with 500 guests is very different to what would be required for 50 guests.

It’s never a case of one sound system fits all.

A colorful and effective mix of lighting also adds value at every wedding.

Don’t make the error of assuming that dance floor lighting will always be included as part of the package.

Ambient lighting creates a soft touch of intimacy during dinner and speeches and intelligent lazer lighting brings life to the dancefloor when the DJ swings into top gear.

Ultimately it is what the DJ plays that makes or breaks the wedding.

Everyone has a different taste in music but most of the time guests relate to songs they recognize. Those feel good hits old and new.

A pro wedding DJ will always be willing to share a party playlist ahead of time. Ask questions if you have any. Clarifying the wedding timeline from start to end always adds peace of mind.

Visit the wedding venue ahead of time and ensure that all the necessary elements are in place for the DJ. A solid table and a reliable power source close by are very important.

All our wedding DJ’s come with top of the range sound and lighting and all the hits on hand to guarantee a dancefloor packed to capacity.

When it comes to weighing up professional wedding DJ packages in Cape Town always talk to us first!

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