Karaoke Party Hire Service

karaoke party hire service

If you are looking for a karaoke party hire service we have the perfect solution available for you.

Our DIY karaoke rental system is ideal for small to medium sized functions such as kids parties and private events.

Our karaoke rental unit is easy to self operate, loads of fun and won’t hurt your pocket.

Consider it your very own karaoke sound system for the night. We deliver, set up and collect the following day.

Our karaoke player connects directly to your TV or big screen via HDMI and comes with two powered speakers as well as two microphones for singers.

Two microphones is always better than one especially when it comes to karaoke duets.

You are also able to play background music in between karaoke singing sessions by simply connecting your smart phone or laptop to an available channel on our mixer desk.

You can even add disco lights to the karaoke set up which is great if you plan on playing party music and getting everyone dancing while karaoke singers take a break.

Our karaoke database comprises a wide mix of songs from the golden oldies to the latest hits on the charts today and has become especially popular at kids parties.

We deliver in the general Cape Town area. If the party is happening a little further out of the way an additional travel fee can be included.

Once we have set up and installed the karaoke machine it is super easy to use and in no time you will have excited singers queuing up to have a go at their favourite karaoke songs.

Our karaoke machine is a hit at every party and will have your friends, family and guests raving for a long time to come.

If it’s a professional karaoke party hire service that you require always talk to us first.

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