Wedding Ceremony Sound Set Up

wedding ceremony sound set up

If you require a professional wedding ceremony sound set up we would love to help.

We are the preferred choice when it comes to the hiring of sound equipment for weddings in the Cape Town area.

We offer affordable PA system and sound hire rental options for indoor and outdoor weddings no matter how big or small.

As a basic sound set up a PA system consists of two powered speakers on stands, a mixer desk and a microphone.

A laptop or even a mobile device can be connected to the audio desk for music.

If a band or a musician is performing we can set them up with the right kind of sound as well.

When it comes to speeches a professional cordless microphone will be made available. This means that the MC and the wedding officiant will be heard clearly.

With every PA sound system hire booking we will deliver and set up to ensure that all the necessary audio elements are functioning optimally.

If you prefer you can elect to have a sound technician be available on site at the wedding to manage the audio desk on your behalf. This always provides peace of mind.

Even if you have already booked a wedding DJ we can provide the sound or top you up in terms of any particular specs that may be required.

We utilize only the most trusted audio brands the industry has to offer such as Shure, AKG, Behringer as well as Wharfedale to name a few and we pride ourselves on reliability when assisting you with the hiring of a PA sound system for your special event.

Indoors or outdoors no wedding is too big or small.

If you require a top class wedding ceremony sound set up contact us for the best advice and the best price.

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