Karaoke Party for Kids

karaoke party for kids

If you are planning a karaoke party for kids we can help.

We provide professional karaoke services in the Cape Town area.

Karaoke is fun for everyone especially children.

Our karaoke song database includes the most popular songs of all time from the golden oldies to the latest hits on the charts today.

We work hard to make sure our song choice list stays up to date so there is something for everyone to sing.

Perhaps singing isn’t your thing but the pleasure of seeing your kids having a great time is always pleasing enough.

Hiring a karaoke set up is a great idea for birthday celebrations, bar mitzvahs, church youth group events and its even a way to keep the kids occupied during school holidays.

Our karaoke systems are affordable and very user friendly and can be operated by almost anyone whether technically inclined or not.

Once we have set up the karaoke system for you it is as easy as selecting a karaoke track and grabbing the microphone. There will always be a second mic available for duets.

Depending on the size of the event we can tailor make a solution that will suit you best.

For smaller birthday parties our karaoke set up can be self operated and there is often no need for a karaoke DJ to be present.

For bigger private functions it is sometimes worth while having a professional karaoke host on site to manage proceedings on your behalf.

Ultimately its is entirely up to you and what works best for your event. Either way we always ensure peace of mind when it comes to your karaoke experience.

We deliver, set up and collect in the general Cape Town area.

If you are planning a karaoke party for kids we offer the best advice and the best price guaranteed.

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