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Four wheel mobile set up for hire

If you are hosting an outdoor event, a sports day or a function at an off the grid remote location you require a mobile sound set up on four wheels.

The question as to whether there is a secure and reliable power source at the function venue usually comes to mind especially if you are booking a DJ.

Visions of power outages and noisy generators are enough to send shivers down your spine and leave you in a cold-sweat at the thought of your party guests being left in the dark, feeling frustrated and disappointed in you.

You needn’t worry!

Imagine a van arriving at your event location (in an area without power) equipped with a fully-functional sound system with the capability to address over a thousand people whilst playing hours of your favourite party music.


Introducing the Sounds Awesome party van, a custom-built sound studio in a Mercedes Vito Van, with an 8-channel mixer desk.

6 x 15 inch active speakers (totalling 990 watts RMS of continuous power) can be mounted on the roof of the vehicle or high up on speaker stands, up to 40 metres on either side of the van, delivering crystal clear top quality sound to any outdoor event, music festival, brand activation or wedding.

The rear of the van contains 5 deep cycle batteries with a 1000 watt invertor allowing off the grid (no electricity) continuous power for up to 8 hours.

Loadshedding and rolling blackouts are no issue when it comes to our mobile sound unit.

A 40” LCD monitor screen is available for slide show presentations and can be mounted at the rear door of the van

A secondary 19” LCD monitor can be mounted on the sliding door with a swivel arm to facilitate additional branding of your product, service or event.

The Sounds Awesome van is a mobile sound set up on four wheels manned by a sound engineer/operator and a professional event DJ.

For more info about The Sounds Awesome van, contact Adrian 0847428939 / info@bmentertainment.co.za

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