Uplighting for Hire

uplighting for hire

We have ambient uplighting for hire solutions available for dinner parties, corporate events and weddings.

Also known as LED parcans or uplights they are those little lamps that sit on the floor and create a soft beam of colour up against the wall toward the ceiling.

They are available in a variety of colours (pink, blue, red and green) and in fact can be manually set to the colour you prefer on the night or you can alternate between colours with the use of a dmx controller.

For most average size function venues 6 uplights strategically placed around the room will do. If it is a larger venue we can offer more to create the effect you require.

LED Parcans can also be used in marquees by attaching them to the poles supporting the tent where they can shine down onto the ground creating a dynamic effect in what is essentially an outdoor event..

LED parcans can also used for live music events as well as outdoor music festivals where they are more visible than conventional lighting under the light of day. In fact LED parcans were prominently used for the Live Earth Festival as they are regarded as more environmentally friendly as fixture for fixture they use far less power than other forms of lighting.

Parcans can be used in theatrical shows. They are used to generate colours by fitting them with colored sheets called gels. The parcans are arranged into rows of different colours and identical rows placed on different sides of the stage.

LED Parcans are so much more sophisticated these days and are becoming a must have special effect at every social event, corporate conference and wedding.

Our uplighting for hire packages are tailor made to transform an empty function venue into a beautiful space where a lifetime of memories are guaranteed to be made.

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