Strobe Lights for Hire

strobe lights for hire

If you are in need of strobe lights for hire we can assist.

Our “party pack” is the perfect lighting hire solution.

It consists of two strobe light units as well as a smoke machine.

The strobe light units are fitted on either side of a T bar which is connected to a speaker stand.

When the room is dark and the music is playing your venue will take on the look and feel of a mini nightclub.

They both emit lazer beams of light that pulsate to the beat of the music in a variety of colours. The faster the rhythm of the music the more impressive the lighting display will be.

Pairing a smoke machine with the strobe lights is ideal. Place the unit on the floor and fire it off from time to time. The combination of the light and smoke creates an exciting party atmosphere.

This lighting package doesn’t take up a lot of space. It can be used for small functions at home like kids parties and birthday celebrations. More strobe lights can be added to the mix if it is a bigger event like a corporate function or a wedding.

We deliver in the general Cape Town area and once we have set it up you can simply leave it to do its thing.

All you have to do is make sure that you have some uplifting music playing through your sound system to get the very best combined effect between sound and lighting for your special event..

Alternatively book one of our professional DJ’s to rock the room on your behalf. Our fees are competitive and we offer the best deals when it comes to disco lighting packages.

When it comes to strobe lights for hire solutions for your party contact us for the best price and the best advice.

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