Sound Hire for Parties

sound hire for parties

We provide sound hire for parties in the Cape Town area.

You might simply require a pair of 12” powered speakers and a microphone.

This is ideal for a small house party or a corporate event with up to 50 guests.

The speakers have amplifiers in them and only require an electrical power source to operate.

A corded microphone can be connected to the back of one of the powered speakers for speeches.

You can also have a cordless or a roaming microphone which is advantageous if you prefer to have freedom of movement around the venue when making a speech.

It is also easy to add a laptop, an Ipad or even a cell phone device to the sound set up if you want to play music. We can provide the necessary AUX cable for this purpose.

This is a very simple and neat set up that doesn’t require a lot of space and is fit for purpose when it comes to intimate private functions and smaller conference events.

Bigger events such as outdoor music festivals and sporting events require far more sound.

A pair of 15” powered speakers would be best for this purpose as well as a pair of subs. if you are powering a full band you would also require a multi channel mixer desk to connect each instrument being played as well as the microphones.

We deliver set up and collect. You can also have a technician on site to operate the set up on your behalf. This always provides peace of mind.

We have the expertise to cover almost any kind of event big or small, locally and even a little further out of the way.

House parties, corporate functions, conferences,team building events, weddings, sports days and even in store retail promotions. We have the technology to power them all.

When it comes to sound hire for parties we offer the best advice and the best price tailor made to suit your event.

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