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We rock the room when it comes to Party DJ for hire services.

Corporate events and private functions are our specialty.

When looking for a great party DJ there are a number of points to consider.

Pick a DJ that closely represents your brand if it happens to be a corporate event. We can help with that.

If it is a private function or even a small house party you will want to ensure that the DJ relates well to your guests. A good, clean and fun service should always be on offer.

The right kind of sound is of vital importance.

The audio power required for an event hosting 500 guests is very different to what would be required for 50 guests.

If speeches are being made make sure a good quality professional cordless microphone is on hand. A roaming mic in a large room goes a long way.

Always add disco lighting to the mix. Your guests will dance harder and for longer! Intelligent lazer lighting brings life to the dance floor when the DJ swings into full gear.

The music ultimately makes or breaks the event.

Old or new, local or foreign every DJ worth his or her salt will have a great mix on hand.

Putting a playlist together ahead of time always helps.

There are those timeless club bangers that are always guaranteed to get the party started.

Make sure they are on top of the list.

Check out the venue ahead of time and relay logistics to the DJ so that you are both on the same page.

The DJ booth should always be set up in a location close to a reliable power source and not in the way of other service providers.

Don’t be afraid to ask the DJ any questions you have in mind regarding the event.

Discussing the agenda for the evening as well as start to end times and everything in between is very important.

For the professional A-Z when it comes to Party DJ for Hire services always talk to us first!

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