Music Equipment for Hire

music equipment for hire

If you are in need of music equipment for hire solutions in the Cape Town area we can help.

We provide PA systems for a variety of applications whether you are a DJ or a musician or just need to be heard.

It might simply be a speech being made at a small event and in that case all you would require is a pair of 12” powered speakers, a mixer desk and a microphone.

This is also suitable for a small house party with up to 50 guests.

Active speakers have amplifiers in them and only require an electrical power source to operate.

A corded microphone can be connected to the mixer desk for speeches.

You can also choose to have a cordless microphone which is useful if you need freedom of movement around the venue when making a speech.

If you want to play music you can connect a laptop, an Ipad or even a cell phone device to the mixer desk. An auxiliary cable can be provided for this purpose.

Music instruments such as keyboards, drums and guitars can also be connected to a multi channel mixer desk.

Bigger events such as outdoor music festivals and sporting events require far more PA.

The starting point would be a pair of 15” powered speakers and a pair of sub woofers These speakers produce a low end frequency sound while the 15’s provide the top end frequency.

Another bonus is that you don’t have to be a sound engineer when it comes to our PA systems. We deliver set up and collect. You can also have a technician on site. This always provides peace of mind.

House parties, corporate functions, conferences, team building events, weddings, sports days and even in store retail promotions. We have the technology to power them all.

When it comes to music equipment for hire solutions we offer the best advice and the best price tailor made to suit your event.

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