Making a Wedding Playlist

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Making a wedding playlist can be fun!

Your wedding should be the best day of your life filled with special memories. A well balanced playlist of music will always guarantee that.

There are so many sources of inspiration when it comes to creating the perfect playlist for your wedding.

A good way to start is by thinking of some of your favourite songs. Grab a pen and paper sit down and allow yourself to be transported back in time. You can also ask your guests to contribute with their favorites as well.

Think back to the songs that made an impact on you growing up. That very first school disco or house party. Those songs have sentimental value and should be in the mix on your wedding playlist.

Perhaps that first night club experience you shared with friends jolling together late into the night. Recreate that dance floor experience at your own wedding and allow those memories to come flooding back.

You might also have a favourite local band you love to go and see play live. Musicians always tend to include the most popular feel good hits in their sets.

Listen to your favourite local radio station. Most will host a top 40 music show which can give you an indication of whats currently hot on the charts. Its always great to have a mix of oldies and current hits on your wedding playlist.

Visit your local music store and ask the shop assistant for advice. Music junkies are always friendly, knowledgeable and willing to assist.

You can search for the best music online. Apps like Spotify, I Tunes and You Tube are a great source of inspiration for your wedding playlist. In fact there are often playlists created by online users and music lovers for different genres of music and events. Wedding celebration playlists are plentiful and easy to find online.

Your wedding playlist should be a source of pleasure for you and hopefully your guests as well. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Choose songs that have significant meaning to you. Every song on your wedding playlist should tell a story about you and your journey to this point.

From your walk down the aisle to your first dance and the party that follows every song should be selected with love and care.

Most importantly when booking a wedding DJ make sure that they are on the same page as you. In terms of the sound set up, disco lighting and music for the dance floor every detail from start to end is vital. Make sure you have done your research and always insist on a face to face meeting.

We can assist you professionally with this process. Contact us to discuss your big day!

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