Karaoke Machine Rental

karaoke machine rental

When it comes to karaoke machine rental services we offer the best advice at the best price.

When hiring a karaoke machine from us you will always have peace of mind knowing that your party will be a success because we make the process of renting a karaoke system so simple.

From the moment you send us your karaoke email enquiry we respond timeously with a full breakdown of what we offer along with an attached list of the karaoke songs available.

It is also great to chat over the phone and go over the particulars of your karaoke event. We discuss details such as whether it’s a kid’s birthday party, a private function or a corporate event.

Knowing how many guests will be attending is also important. Size in this case really does matter so that we can determine the right sound set up for your event.

Its also helpful to know where the party is happening in terms of the area you are in and if you have booked a function venue so that we are able to work out the logistics in terms of delivery, set up and collection.

Once a date has been set we will send you an invoice to secure the booking and ensure that we reserve a karaoke machine for you.

You now have peace of mind knowing that all your karaoke questions have been answered, the paperwork is done and you can start inviting everyone you know to the best karaoke party in town!

As we get closer to the party date we can arrange for the set up of the karaoke machine at a time agreed upon ideally well before the start of the event and once set up provide you with a run through as to how it all works. Collection can be arranged again for the next day.

If you have a karaoke machine rental enquiry contact us now for the best price and the best advice.

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