Karaoke Hosting Services

karaoke hosting services

If you require karaoke hosting services for events we can help.

This service is ideal for private parties, corporate events, year end functions and even weddings.

Included is a high quality sound system managed by a professional karaoke DJ.

A big screen for karaoke visuals is also provided as well as cordless microphones for singers and speeches.

Lighting is also an option: Ambient lighting for the early part of the evening and disco lights for dancing always creates a vibe.

Karaoke DJ’s play a dual role in that they are able to act as facilitators for the karaoke singers as well as ensuring that the dancefloor is full when the disco kicks into full swing.

Our karaoke music database includes the most popular karaoke songs from the golden oldie era to the latest hits on the charts today. There is always something for everyone to sing who happens to be brave enough to grab the microphone.

The DJ music for the dancefloor is no different. In fact we prefer that you let us know ahead of time what your music preference is so that we are 100% prepared with all the big hits you want to hear.

You can also send us your event agenda in advance so that we are on the same page in terms of the running order of things from start to end.

Its always helpful to be sure as to when the karaoke DJ must arrive at the venue, what time set up must be completed and of course the performance times from start to end. In this way the expectation is clear and fully understood between all parties.

If you require karaoke hosting services for events talk to us. We tick all the boxes and pride ourselves on being the best in the entertainment business.

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