Karaoke for Kids Parties

karaoke for kids parties

We rock when it comes to karaoke for kids parties.

Karaoke is a great idea for your little ones birthday and in fact goes down a treat at any special occasion.

Tots and teens love to be in the limelight and karaoke provides the ultimate stage for them to be able to show off and have some fun.

Kids have so much energy and they love to jump around and dance and show off in front of their friends especially little girls. (Cyndi Lauper was right when she said Girls just wanna have fun)

You will also be amazed when it comes to the music kids love these days.

The latest hits fresh off the charts are always a winner but they certainly will recognize some of the oldies as well.

Those good old classics from the 70s and 80s are popping up all over the place in kids movies, TV shows and TikTok these days and are so infectious they have to be on the karaoke song choice list. Our karaoke database is incredibly diverse and contains 1000s of recognizable feel good hits from then and now.

Don’t be surprised to see the kids singing and dancing along to original hits from ABBA, they might even know the words to each and every song!

We also make sure we only include the “clean” versions of karaoke songs. There is nothing worse than a string of F bombs being dropped on a group of 5-10 year olds.

Depending on the size of the party always we make sure that the right sound rig is set up to suit the particular venue.

Its always a fine balance between too little or too much power.

A big hall will always require a different sound set up to what would be required in a small living room.

Our karaoke units are nice and neat including speakers, mics, mixer and laptop and even a monitor screen for visuals. Once we have set up and given you the run through they are very easy to operate. Our policy is always delivery only which always creates peace of mind for you.

You can also consider adding a little lighting into the mix. Kids simply love party lighting! Colour lazer lights, UV lamps and even a mirror ball are always the cherry on the cake when it comes to kids karaoke parties. Add a smoke machine as well and you have the ultimate package deal when it comes to karaoke for kids parties.

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