Karaoke for House Parties

karaoke for house parties

We rule when it comes to karaoke for house parties.

We operate in the Cape Town area but have karaoke facilities available all around South Africa including Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Karaoke always goes down a treat at any special occasion including birthday celebrations as well bachelor parties and kitchen teas.

We bring the karaoke party straight to your doorstep.

We have latest hits fresh off the charts as well as some of the oldies too.

Our database is incredibly diverse and contains 1000s of recognizable feel good karaoke hits from then and now.

Girls and boys, kids and adults all love to sing.

Our karaoke units are always nice and neat including top of the range active speakers for the best quality sound experience.

We also provide two microphones for singers so duets can be performed with ease.

A playout system can be connected to your big screen TV via HDMI or we can provide a monitor screen for karaoke visuals.

Once we have set up and given you a crash course the karaoke system is super easy to operate.

Our delivery only policy always creates peace of mind for you.

Depending on the size of the party we always make sure that the right sound rig is set up to to suit the venue.

You can also consider adding a little lighting into the mix.

Multi colour lazer lights, UV glow in the dark lamps and even a motorized mirror ball kit are always the cherry on the cake when it comes to your karaoke party.

Add a smoke machine as well and you have the ultimate party package.

You can literally turn your home into a mini nightclub with the options available.

When it comes to karaoke for house parties we rock the room. Contact us when planning your next event.

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