JBL Groove on the Move van available for small and large events


JBL Audio Visual Van Hire​

The JBL Audio Visual Van is available for Events

The JBL Audio Visual Van is available if you are hosting an outdoor function like a school fete or a sports day and you need to hire a mobile sound system set up in Cape Town and surrounds

Introducing the JBL audio visual van 

The JBL Groove on the Move Van (GOTM) is a  truck and trailer and a fully functional owner operated off the grid audio and visual mobile sound system. Essentially it is a four wheel drive bakkie towing a trailer which has been converted into a mega powerful mobile PA sound system. Created by mobile DJ’s on the go!

No Electricity Required with the JBL audio visual van

With our JBL audio visual van we literally arrive on a total of eight wheels at your outdoor event, locate a suitable parking spot close to the action where the party people are, pull in, park and play! Simple as that. No frills, no fuss and no DJ booth close to a power point is required.

This eight wheel mobile PA sound system is one of a kind in the entertainment industry and always adds a live in concert feel to every event.

No need for a Power Point with the JBL audio visual van

Cordless microphones are always on hand and make it easy to communicate to all parts of the outdoor function area and powerful speakers placed high up on stands above the DJ trailer allows the music to be almost thrown out so in effect it can be heard far and wide around the perimeter of the stadium in question. 

No DJ set up required with the JBL audio visual van

When hiring the JBL audio visual van you know you are getting a self contained and compact mobile DJ operated audio visual solution on wheels. Tables and chairs and long extension leads are not required when it comes to this unique sound set up.

Voetsek Loadshedding

The concept for the JBL audio visual van came about as a novel party idea stemming from a serious need to be off the grid due to loadshedding challenges.

In recent times this issue has been the sole cause of many special events coming to an end far earlier than expected and even worse being cancelled and not taking place at all. We cant and wont allow this to happen.

Peace of Mind at Outdoor Events with the JBL audio visual van

If anything the least we can do is to give you the opportunity to consider a wireless option that is off the grid and not totally dependent on Eskom.

This always results in peace of mind when it comes to celebrating a special occasion or an important milestone in ones life.

Access to Remote Locations with the JBL audio visual van

Our JBL audio visual van also allows us to have the ability to gain access to certain event locations and designated areas at outdoor function venues that often enough would pose a challenge to many DJ’s who might require a traditional power point designated to them when it comes to powering up their sound set up. 

Are you planning any of the following types of activities

If so, the JBL Groove on the Move van is what your special event needs.

With the ability to handle up to 1000 guests outdoors, a regular sound system just won’t do.

The van is owner operated at all times and comes pre-loaded with a variety of music to suit your event.

A tailor-made playlist can be put together ahead of time.

The power itself is generated by an Inverter 1.2 KVA and 3 12v Lithium batteries:

Great for remote locations with no electricity supply. Load shedding? No Problem..

We also have a very close relationship with radio stations Magic828 and LM Radio 

It is possible to custom build a package that will include radio coverage and an outside broadcast at your event.

Cape Town and surrounding areas are serviced by the JBL GOTM mobile truck and trailer.

Make sure your next outdoor event is moving with the grooviest JBL van in town.

What you get

If you happen to be a techie then the next bit of info should interest you:

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