House Party Karaoke

house party karaoke

If you are planning a house party karaoke event we can help.

For birthday celebrations or even just a random get together of friends renting a karaoke machine is a great idea.

Everyone loves a karaoke singing session both kids and adults alike.

Our karaoke song choice list includes the most popular songs of all time from the golden oldies to the latest hits on the charts today. There is always a karaoke song for everyone.

Even if you don’t have those vocal chops witnessing your guests get it on is pleasing in itself.

Our karaoke machine set ups are affordable and very user friendly. Almost anyone can operate them whether technically inclined or not.

Once we have set up the karaoke system for you it is as easy as selecting your favourite song and grabbing the microphone.

Our karaoke systems are ideally suited for small to medium sized events and the set up itself is always nice and neat consisting of two speakers on stands, two microphones for singers, a mixer desk as well as a laptop that can be connected to a monitor screen for karaoke visuals. We can even connect to your big screen or projector via HDMI if need be.

If you happen to be planning a bigger party like a corporate function or a team building event where there will be in excess of 50 guests we can of course tailor make a solution that will suit your needs.

We have a delivery, set up and collection policy only which always happens to add peace of mind to proceedings. We do all the heavy lifting and take care of the logistics so that you can focus on the party at hand.

When it comes to house party karaoke we always offer the best advice and the best price.

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