Smoke, Fog & Haze

hire a smoke machine

Hire a smoke machine for your next private function or corporate event.

Create a night club atmosphere on the dance floor at the push of a button.

Our smoke machines are super easy to use.

They can be operated manually or set on a timer to go off periodically allowing for 30 second bursts of smoke.

With every booking we include 2L of smoke fluid that will provide at least 2 hours of continuous use.

All smoke machine fluid is non-toxic and usually has little to no smell.

Our smoke machines are always a hit at every single kids party you go to.

If it is a wedding you are planning a low lying fogger is always best.

A thick layer of white fog hugs the dance floor and creates the perfect atmosphere for the first dance between the bride and groom.

On the other hand low lying fog machines can also create an air of mystique and are an ideal addition to any Halloween party.

Of course every smoke machine can be complimented with an appropriate lighting set up.

Intelligent overhead lazer lighting or even a mirror ball for that matter makes for the ideal marriage between light and smoke.

Our smoke machines offer the perfect boost of dense white fog to enhance every lighting effect.

When it comes to bigger corporate events a professional DJ will always know how to combine a smoke machine with the appropriate disco lighting display set up to create the best effect for your event.

The beauty in booking a smoke machine is that it is so easy to set up.

There are no separate components that need to be connected together and no engineering ingenuity on your part is required.

Our smoke machines are compact, tough and rugged.

Simply place the smoke machine on the floor in a relatively safe space close to a power point, plug in and play!

Just remember to make sure the smoke machine is set up indoors away from a draft so that the smoke doesn’t blow away!

It also doesn’t take very long to heat up.

Our smoke machines come in a variety of sizes depending on the size of your event.

From 400W to 1000W and beyond we can help you determine what particular smoke machine will work best for your event.

Hire a smoke machine from us.

We deliver in the general Cape Town area.

We can be contacted for pricing on our wide range of smoke,fog and haze machines on offer to create the perfect effect for your event.

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