First Dance Songs For Weddings

first dance songs for weddings

First dance songs for weddings and the selection thereof can be a tricky affair to say the least…


Let’s just say that this part of the wedding requires some careful consideration.

There are so many polls that have been compiled by bloggers over the years and very often these suggestions can be quite useful when you are feeling musically challenged.

As wedding DJ professionals with years of experience, we thought we would offer our expert advice. Of course there is nothing like having been there to know whether it works or not.

At the end of the day it is quite a subjective thing. It’s not always as simple as picking the most romantic song out of a hat and going with that. As bride and groom you must both decide what will create that magical connection on the night..

When it comes to first dance songs for weddings we love to give guidance in fact we have compiled a list with a few suggestions from Youtube that you can watch.

There really are so many options but our offering is a mix of old and new and will hopefully be a good starting point for you when planning your big day.

Take a look and listen..

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