DJ Services in Cape Town

dj services in cape town

We offer DJ services in Cape Town. If you are planning a private function, a corporate event, a wedding or even an activation talk to us.

All our mobile DJ’s come with top of the range sound and lighting and all the hits on hand to guarantee a dance floor packed to capacity.When choosing a DJ for an event there are a number of factors you need to take into account..

A DJ is the heartbeat of any event and if you are looking to add the right kind of noise to your party then we are definitely the way to go.

Always ensure sure that a good, clean and fun service is on offer.

Selecting the right DJ for a specific type of event is crucial.

You also want to make sure that the DJ is a perfect fit for your brand if it happens to be a top level corporate event. The look and feel of a DJ is important.

If it is a private function or even a small house party you want to ensure that the DJ relates as well as possible to your guests. A smiling DJ spreads even more cheer around the room.

A wedding DJ must be a well balanced individual able to cope with pressure and be able to read a diverse crowd at the drop of each tune.

Sound and lighting equipment are also of vital importance.

The sound rig required for an event hosting 500 guests is very different to what would be required for 50 guests.

Its never a case of one sound system fits all for every event.

A ton more wattage is required when the venue is very spacious and the guest list is extensive.

Disco lighting also makes for a vital edition to many events depending on the circumstances..

Dont make the mistake of assuming that party lighting will always be included as part of the disco package. Very often it should be included but there are times when lighting might be ineffective. A good example would be during the day at an outdoor event for obvious reasons.

Ambient lighting creates a glow of intimacy during dinner time and intelligent lazer lighting brings life to the dance floor when the DJ swings into sixth gear.

Ultimately it is what the DJ spins that makes or breaks the party.

Everyone has a different taste in music but most of the time the majority of people relate to songs they recognize.

A willing DJ will always be prepared to work out a party playlist with you ahead of time. And also don’t hesitate to ask the DJ questions if you have any. Discussing the agenda from start to end always adds peace of mind

Check out the venue ahead of time and ensure that all the necessary set up elements are in place for the DJ.Things like a solid table and a reliable power source close by are very important.

And whatever you do don’t forget the cordless mic.There will always be someone who will want to grab it.

For the professional A-Z when it comes to DJ services in Cape Town always talk to us!

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