DJ Lighting for Hire

dj lighting for hire

We offer a wide range of DJ lighting for hire solutions for weddings and events.

If you are planning a party and need to light up your venue talk to us.

If you are a DJ and you want to add a little extra effect to your lighting mix we can help.

Consider including a few L.E.D Parcans. Place them around the DJ booth and the walls will light up in a colour of your choice. Once set up you have the ability to change modes and set colours as you like. This always adds an ambience to every wedding or event.

For the dance floor there are a number of elements you can consider adding to your lighting mix.

The mirror ball is a throwback to the Saturday Night Fever disco days and is a must have at every 70s / 80s flashback party. A motorized mirror ball comes with a spot and a stand or it can be hung from the roof if there are beams available. When positioned correctly and switched on nothing can beat the old school disco feel of a mirror ball in motion.

Turn your room into a party lounge with L.E.D lighting. Robot Lights are the most basic form of disco lighting. They contain LED’s which emit light of various colours.

LED Strobes are great examples of sound to light units that will provide brilliant colour mixing capabilities.

Laser lights can often be programmed to give a pre-set laser show, or move in time to the music. They produce a strong narrow beam of light creating a strong contrast to your typical LED effects. Red and green are the most common laser colours.

Moving Heads are motorized lighting devices allowing the direction they project light to turn 360 degrees horizontally and tilt up and down vertically. The great thing about moving heads is that they can be effective placed almost anywhere even right next to your DJ set up.

When used in combination with a smoke machine the effect is out of this world. Injecting a room with smoke makes the beams of light visible as they move around and change colours.

UV lights are great idea for a teen party. When UV lights are set up in a dark room, the ultraviolet light shines off anything white and as a result these items wash with unexpected brilliance, giving your room a fun, futuristic atmosphere.

The most basic disco lights run stand alone. All you need to do is set them up, switch them on and go! Or they can be DMX controlled. They can be linked to a DMX controller which communicates with them through a DMX protocol.

Remember to always keep your set up nice n neat! Use cable ties to tidy up loose leads. A clean rig equals pro DJ. And don’t forget the rule of symmetry. Set up your lights in multiples of two on a T bar stand. This always creates a commanding presence up above the dance floor.

More info on DJ lighting

Check out our DJ lighting for hire services page and get in touch when you are planning your next event.

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