Disco Lights for Hire

disco lights for hire

If you are planning an event and require disco lights for hire we can switch you on with the right solution.

We have a wide range of lighting options including lasers, strobes, moving heads, mirror balls and UV lights.

Our “party pack” as we call it is the perfect starting point for small house parties.

It consists of two sound to light units as well as a smoke machine.

The light units are fitted on either side of a T bar which is connected to a speaker stand.

When the room is darkened and the music is playing your venue with take on the look and feel of a mini nightclub.

They are called sound to light units because they emit beams of light that pulsate to the beat of the music in a variety of colours. The faster the rhythm of the music the more impressive the lighting display will be.

Our fog machine comes with a full tank of fluid which is more than enough to see you through the night. All you need to do is place the unit on the floor and fire it off from time to time.

If it’s a bigger event such as a corporate function you can simply add to the lighting mix in terms of colour lasers and strobes and even include moving heads which creates an incredible intensity on the dancefloor.

UV lights or black lights as they are called are ideal for teen parties and Halloween events.

The mirror ball is an iconic party symbol and has been around for decades and will always be the center of every 70s flashback event.

We deliver in the general Cape Town area and once we have set it up you can simply leave the lighting to do its thing.

If you require disco lights for hire talk to us today.

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