Cost to hire a DJ

cost to hire a dj

If you are doing your research and trying to determine the cost to hire a DJ for your special event there are a number of factors you need to consider.

Lowest fee quoted is not always the best route to go.

A professional service will cost a little more but is well worth it in the end.

Book a DJ that represents your brand if it happens to be a corporate event.

If it is a private function or even a small house party you want to ensure that the DJ relates well to your friends and family.

High quality sound equipment is also incredibly important.

The sound equipment required for an event hosting 500 guests is very different to what would be required for 50 guests.

A lot more sound is required when the venue is bigger and the guest list is longer.

Disco lighting also makes for a vital edition to any corporate event or private function. Every professional DJ will include lighting in their set up.

Ambient lighting creates an intimate setting during dinner time and intelligent lazer lighting brings life to the dancefloor when the DJ swings into full gear.

The real difference between a good DJ and a great DJ is the music.

Any DJ worth his or her salt will always be prepared to put a pre party playlist together of the favorites expected on the night and then work around that.

Discussing the agenda for the evening as well as start to end times and everything in between is vital.

And if speeches are being made always ensure that a quality roaming microphone will be available.

This is all worth paying a little more for to ensure the best memories are made.

When calculating the cost to hire a DJ always talk to us first!

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