Corporate Event DJ

corporate event DJ

If you require a corporate event DJ in Cape Town get in touch with us today..

A DJ is the heartbeat of every event and if you are looking to add a happy mood to the mix then we are your go to guys.

Our DJ’s come equipped with top of the range sound and lighting and all the hits on hand to guarantee a dancefloor packed to capacity.

A cordless mic will also be available if speeches are being made.

Choosing the right DJ for a corporate event is vital. A DJ must be well presented and an ideal fit for your particular brand.

A great DJ must be an all rounder able to cope with the demands of a diverse crowd and be able to read the room from start to finish.

Professional sound and lighting gear can make or break an event regardless of how good the DJ is.

The sound set up required for an event with 500 guests is very different to what would be required for 50.

Ambient lighting adds intimacy during dinner time and intelligent lazer lighting brings a night club effect to the dancefloor when the DJ swings into full gear.

Ultimately it is the music that makes or breaks the event.

Everyone has their own taste in music but its always the feel good hits old and new that get the guests on the floor.

A helpful DJ will always be prepared to share a potential playlist ahead of time.

Run through the event agenda from start to end with the DJ.

Check out the venue and ensure that all the necessary elements are in place for the DJ.

A solid table and a reliable power source close by are important.

When it comes to corporate event DJ hire services in Cape Town we always score the highest points.

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