Battery Powered Speaker for Hire

battery powered speaker for hire

If you are in need of a battery powered speaker for hire we can help.

Whether its a small gathering or even a large outdoor event this technology is quite useful especially if there is no reliable AC power supply near by.

When fully charged battery powered speakers can last up to six hours.

Portable speakers come in a range of sizes to suit your event whether there are 50 or 500 guests.

Placed high up on speakers stands the sound generated is crystal clear.

A cordless microphone can be connected wirelessly to the speakers which is useful if you need freedom of movement around the venue when making a speech.

You can also wirelessly connect a laptop, an Ipad or even a cell phone to the sound set up if you want to play music.

Pair your device with the battery powered blue tooth speaker and you are good to go.

The benefit of blue tooth technology is that you can enjoy your favourite tunes without the inconvenience of tangled wires all over the show. Set ups are always nice n neat.

Another bonus is that you don’t have to be technically inclined at all when it comes to blue tooth sound hire technology. We deliver, set up and collect.

You can also choose to have a technician on site to operate the set up on your behalf. This always provides peace of mind.

We have the expertise to cover almost any kind of event big or small, locally and even a little further out of the way.

House parties, corporate functions, conferences, team building events, weddings, sports days and even in store retail promotions. We have the wireless technology to power them all.

If you require a battery powered speaker for hire we offer the best advice and the best price tailor made to suit your event.

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