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Karaoke FAQ's

Karaoke FAQ's

1. Is the karaoke machine easy to operate?

Yes, it is as easy as operating your home DVD player.


2. What kind of party is a karaoke machine suited for?

Kids parties, birthday parties as well as office parties


3. How many guests does the karaoke sound system cater for?

20 – 50 guests are ideal.


4. How long can we keep the karaoke machine for?

It is a one day rental unless specifically booked for longer.


5. What kind of equipment does a karaoke system consist of?

Our karaoke set up consists of two speakers, a karaoke player as well as two microphones.


6. How many karaoke songs do you have in your collection?



7. What genres of karaoke songs are available?

Our karaoke repertoire consists of the most popular chart hits from the oldies to the latest pop songs.


8. Do you have Afrikaans karaoke songs?



9. How do we know what karaoke songs you have?

Along with the karaoke machine we will provide you with a list of our songs in hardcopy.


10. Are the karaoke songs on a CD?

All of our karaoke songs are stored on an external flash drive.


11. Can I connect the karaoke machine to my own TV?

Yes, the karaoke machine connects to your TV or projector like a DVD player does.


12. Do we require any special leads to connect the karaoke player to our TV?

We provide an RCA video lead which connects to your TV or projector.


13. What does it cost to hire a karaoke machine?

You can rent a karaoke machine for one day from as little as R1500.


14. Can you deliver the karaoke machine as well and set it up for us?

Yes, we can deliver, set up and collect at an additional cost.


15. Is the karaoke machine easy to transport?

Our karaoke machine is light and easy transport.


16. Will the karaoke machine fit into my vehicle if I collect from you?

Our karaoke machine will easily fit into any motor vehicle.


17. Can I play my own music with the karaoke machine?

Yes, you can play your own CDs in the karaoke DVD player.


18. Do you get disco lights with the karaoke machine?

Disco lights can be booked at an additional cost.


19. How do we select the karaoke song we want to sing?

Each karaoke song is listed alphabetically in our song book with a corresponding code that can be selected on your screen using our karaoke DVD player remote control.


20. How many people can sing at once?

We provide two corded microphones which can be shared between karaoke singers.


by Dr. Radut.